Saro AgroSciences Ltd

The Farmers Friend

Saro AgroSciences Ltd the first company in the Group started out in 1991. Today it’s the leading marketer of Crop Protection Products in Nigeria & Ghana, committed to empowering Two Million Farmers within the next 5 years with superior agro-input (CPP, Seeds & Fertilizer) & Knowledge that will enable them increase their yield & livelihood in a sustainable manner.

Value Proposition

Provision of Quality Crop Protection Products + Knowledge for Yield Assurance & Increase

Supply Chain

1. Our new Import Container-Terminal in Lagos ensures prompt customs clearance of goods ensuring little or no demurrage cost
2. Dedicated 3rd Party trucks ensure prompt delivery of products to all our 86 Depots pan Nigeria.
3. Through our “Direct-To-Retail” model (DTR) we cut off the “Middle Man” reaching over 5,000 Farmer-Facing Retailers through 50 Motorized Sales Reps and 136 Market Sales Reps & Sales Clerks (as at 2014) thus ensuring widespread brand presence at affordable prices.


1. Footprints in 34 of the 36 States of Nigeria giving us an Intimate Knowledge of the Nigerian agricultural Market.
2. 86 Sales Depots serving 751 Farm Markets and over 5,000 Farmer-Facing Retailers
3. Standard CPP Formulation & Packaging Plant in Ibadan
4. 25 Agronomists and 176 Well trained Young Sales People
5. Twenty Own Brands & Six Multinational ones
6. A brand new large modern Import Container Terminal in Lagos