The African Seed Company

AgriSeedco is focused on delivering high quality seeds that will increase the Maize Farmer’s yield to at least 6 to 9tons/ha and to attain a minimum coverage of 15% of maize farmland in Nigeria by 2019. Agriseedco is a Joint Venture with SeedCo International the African Seed Company with over 75years experience in Hybrid seed production.

Agriseed Co currently sells to farmers in Nigeria, high yielding and disease tolerant certified hybrid seeds (Grey Leaf Spot and Streak Tolerance, High Grain and Silage Yielder) with varieties suitable for both high and low lands. Early maturing, mid and late maturing products for every farmer’s choice. High level quality control to ensure seed purity is maintained in production at all times.

Research and development forms a significant part of our operations here in Nigeria, engaging professionals with years of experience in breeding best adapted maize, rice and soybean seed with higher yield potential. We also collabora with IITA, IAR and National Seed Council to advance the agricultural sector in Nigeria.

Agriseedco manages a solid grower engagement scheme with local farmers, boosting job opportunities and increasing knowledge on best agricultural practices, organizing field days and workshops for increased awareness on the hybrid seed potential.

A Large hectares of farmland under irrigation to ensure all year round fresh supply of quality seeds for farmers.

With a strategy to dominate the African seed business by providing quality seeds at all times for farmers, Agriseedco remains a pace-setter in bringing the Nigerian agricultural dream to reality.