The Saro Africa Group is made up of 5 companies namely:
Saro Agrosciences Limited
Saro Agro-Allied Limited
Saro Lifecare Limited
SaroPharma Limited
AgriSeedco Limited- A Joint Venture with SeedCo the African Seed Company

Saro has been an Innovative & Profitable Company In her chosen Industries; Enhancing Lives from Farms to Homes through her Winning Products & Services; Channelled through her Extensive Rural & Urban Trade Networks in Nigeria & Sub-Saharan Africa

Saro AgroSciences Ltd

Saro AgroSciences Ltd the first company in the Group started out in 1991. Today it’s the leading marketer of Crop Protection Products in Nigeria & Ghana, committed to empowering Two Million Farmers within the next 5 years with superior agro-input (CPP, Seeds & Fertilizer) & Knowledge that will enable them increase their yield & livelihood in a sustainable manner.

Saro Agro-Allied

Saro Agro-Allied came on stream in 1996 and is today a major player in the Cocoa Supply Chain in Nigeria. Partnering with ADM, Saro Agro-Allied exports close to 12.5% of Cocoa produced in Nigeria and has won the award for the Leading Indigenous Non-Oil Exporter of the Year 2 times in the past 5 years.

Saro Lifecare

Saro Lifecare started in 2007 when Saro AgroSciences Ltd bought over the Personal & Home Care Division of Chemicals & Allied Plc thus becoming the owner of Purit® Antiseptic Liquid, Carat® Medicated Soap, Safecut® Aftershave and Dayspring® Liquid Detergent amongst other brands.


AgriSeedco is focused on delivering high quality seeds that will double the Maize Farmer’s yield to 5tons/ha and on attaining a minimum 15% of maize farmland in Nigeria by 2019.

Saro Pharma

Saro Pharma Pioneered the supply of the WHO Safe-Motherhood Kits in Nigeria in 2007 and today it partners the FMOH in helping Nigeria achieve the MDG goals 5 & 6.