Available in : 50ml, 125ml, 250ml, 500ml, 2 Litres & 4 Litres.

Product Information
Purit (Chlorhexidine Gluconate B.P 0.3%W/V, Cetrimide B.P 3.05 W/V) is well acclaimed by WHO and international experiences as well tolerated, and highly anti-bacterially potent to sanitize bath water and the babies’ navel, skin. Its use in delivery and surgery is recognized as a standard in most Hospital practices.
It is a versatile, powerful antiseptic with superior antibacterial and cleansing properties ideal for human antisepsis. Its recommended actives acts synergistically to kill all germs and confer long lasting protection.
Purit can be used on both living and non-living tissues. It guarantees 24 Hour protection with total cleansing & disinfection at 99.9% germ extermination.

– Midwifery / Post-natal / Baby care : – 1 capful to a litre of water
– Nursery and Sickroom: – 2 Capfuls to a litre of water
– Sterilization of Surgical instruments: – 1 in 6 aqueous dilution