Technology & Mechanisation

Agricultural mechanization technologies and equipment.

Evolution has made it very necessary to get more work done with the help of effective farm mechanisation. Latest technology has been known to harness the skills of local farmers to ensure increased productivity.

Some of the products we have are:


Our Tractor Brand : SAME : (Tiger 73 Hp and Explorer Special 86 /95 Hp)

A perfect combination of strength, simplicity, dependability and low maintenance costs backed up with efficient customer support services.
• Tested and Trusted Italian brand based on European Standards
• Built To Last and Easy To Use
• Easy To maintain
• Spare Parts readily Available
• Versatile and Efficient for all farm conditions
• Range from 73 Hp – 100 Hp in 2 WD and 4 WD.
• Very Good Manufacturer technical and warranty support.

Tractor Implements

Our Tractor Implements Brands : ATESPAR ( Turkey) and BALDAN ( Brazil)

High quality and reliable tractor mounted implements built to European and Brazilian standards and backed up by efficient technical support services which includes various sizes and capacities of :
• Disc ploughs
• Disc Harrows
• Disc Ridgers
• Row crop planters
• Seed Drills
• Boom sprayers and Fertilizer spreaders.
• Tipping trailers and water tankers.
• Processing equipments.
Your soil preparation, planting and harvesting and primary processing are made easy

Green House Kits

➢ Area 240m2 ( 10m x 24m)
➢ Comprising:
• Greenhouse Tunnel
• Drip irrigation
• Vegetable Seeds,
• Fertilizers
• Crop protection products
• Nursery sets
• Grow bags and plastic mulch
• Agro Support Services and follow up
• Installation technical support service
➢ Suitable for production of high quality tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, and sweet melon.
➢ All year round vegetable production
➢ Huge domestic and export market opportunities.
➢ Youth empowerment and job creation programmes.
Grow more and Earn more from less space.

Saro Irrigation Systems

Comprising supply and Installations of :
• Family Drip Systems of 500m2
Open field drips systems from 1000m2 and above
• Sprinkler systems
• Center Pivot systems from 2.5 ha and above.
➢ For dry season production of various vegetables, maize, rice, etc. ➢ Suitable for plantations – pineapples, oil palm, cocoa and rubber nurseries, citrus, sugarcane etc.
➢ Suitable home gardens and landscape
➢ Easy to operate and maintain