Corporate Direction

Saro will be an Innovative & Profitable Company In her chosen Industries; Enhancing Lives from Farms to Homes through her Winning Products & Services; Channelled through her Extensive Rural & Urban Trade Networks in Nigeria & Sub-Saharan Africa

Saro’s Corporate Strategy is driven

by 6 Strategic Thrusts:


Our most valued asset, skilled and motivated to surpass expectations.


To drive Innovation & Enable Optimization of Opportunities

Saro Ecosystem

Channel, Collaborators, Other Resources & Capabilities.


To drive Innovation, Efficiency & Operational Control


Intensification of our Core Businesses

Geography & Adjacency

Spread to adjacent Industries & Geographies

“Acting within deadlines, proactively dealing with issues represents our Sense of Urgency”.
“Integrity is the cornerstone of how we act and taking responsibilities for our actions are major parts of who we are”

“Challenging the status quo to Improve how we do things is part of who we are”